19 0CTOMBRIE 2013 By Doug Stringer

*Daily meditation:    “The time has come for more of us to cross the Jordan, leaving everything behind to follow The Lord, loving and obeying Him. When we do, we will see His tears turn to joy through our devotion and through helping others in crossing the Jordan. There is a price to pay, and the question remains, ‘are we willing to embrace the cross?’ Will we lay down our fears, insecurities and hurts to fulfill God’s… purposes for our lives? Do we feel pain as He weeps for His own? Does our heart break for the things that break His? Do we recognize those areas of our lives that are not yielded to The Lord, and are we willing to let Him have total Lordship in us? These are the requirements if we want to see breakthroughs in our own lives and in the lives of those we love. A TRUE REVIVAL in our personal lives and in our land first starts with a revival of holiness and consecration.”

Jesus is bringing us to a point of decision in our lives. He has drawn a line in our hearts through this teaching of the Jordan. We see that The Lord Himself is challenging us to cross that line in our hearts as we count the cost as we cross it. We are at a turning point in our lives, just as Joshua and the children of Israel were. Jesus has unleashed this sword of His Word. Which path, then, will we take? Will we love ourselves more than the promise of God’s inheritance? Are we willing to risk ALL and lose our lives for the Gospel’s sake? The choice is ours..
~Sacramento Evanghelic~


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